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Use the Sleipner system on your excavators, drills & bulldozers

The Sleipner system is a proven ground-breaking innovation that has changed excavator logistics for good. Traditional methods cost time and money while keeping production machines out of work for long periods of time when they could be loading ore. Sleipner enables moving excavators safely and efficiently around 15 times faster than tramming. This creates significantly more time for the excavator to be loading trucks rather than tramming. MAKE YOUR MINE PRODUCE MORE AND CUT COSTS This simple and effective system will cut undercarriage maintenance costs by as much as 70%, double the life of your undercarriage and cut your tramming from the allowable 7% to around 1.5%. Less time tramming not only saves you money but will also give you more productive time at the face to load ore. If you want to see exactly how much money you can save in undercarriage and how much more money you can make in increased production, download the Sleipner Benefit Calculator off this web site. Put your own figures in and see how much money you save and how much you increase your production.