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  • 05 October, 2015
    The DB120 on-site at the Mogalakwena Platinum Mine

    Mogalakwena invests in Sleipner DB120 transport system to help sweat its assets

    The first Sleipner Africa DB120 transport system to be sold on the African continent has been commissioned at Anglo American’s Mogalakwena platinum mine.

    The advanced transportation solution has been recognised as a tool capable of unlocking valuable asset optimisation opportunities across the mine’s massive four-pit footprint.

    “Improved plant accessibility and reliability is one of our key objectives and our accounting model proved that the increased fleet flexibility and reduced running costs offered by the DB120 fully justified the purchase,” says Mogalakwena engineering manager Hermann Hollhumer.

    He adds that the system was judged by Mogalakwena as ‘key to significantly improving fleet availability’.

    “The DB 120 provides opencast operations with a major cost saving opportunity. Simply put, it removes the need for operators to tram tracked equipment like dozers and medium-sized excavators and drills between work stations. This practice is tedious and time consuming, wastes diesel and inflicts wear on expensive components like undercarriages and tracks,” says Sleipner Africa, managing director

    Rory Hollins.

    The DB120 constitutes a tilting travel bed with a load capacity of up to 120 tonnes and is designed to be towed by an articulated dump truck from a customer mine’s fleet. The loaded unit can travel at speeds of up to 30 kilometres an hour, and its articulated design ensures a high degree of maneuverability. Another major benefit is that the entire loading, transportation and offloading process can be completed in a fraction of the time taken by conventional practice with just two people – a qualified machine and ADT operator.

    The second Sleipner Africa DB120 to arrive in Africa is currently being assembled at Debswana’s Orapa mine and will be in operation before the end of October.

    • The DB120 on-site at the Mogalakwena Platinum Mine
    • The DB120 on-site at the Mogalakwena Platinum Mine
    • The DB120 on-site at the Mogalakwena Platinum Mine
    • The DB120 on-site at the Mogalakwena Platinum Mine