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Sleipner Africa through many years of experience in the African Mining environment understands the role and requirement for support and that this forms a critical part of the success of any mining equipment and the success of any operation.

Sleipner Africa is committed to ongoing interaction with our customers that includes, support, spare parts, service and training.
As part of our commitment to our customers Sleipner Africa offer as a standard;

  • 2x free services in the first year
  • Full initial operator training & supportĀ 
  • Ongoing full maintenance support
  • Guarantee of full set of parts in SA with a 100% pick ratio
  • Site visits at a minimum of every three months
  • Site visit include re-training assessment and maintenance checks

As part of our support to our clients Sleipner Africa undertakes regular site visits in meeting our clients and familiarizing ourselves with your operation and to study your equipment and your operation to determine the best solution for the movement of your tracked equipment.

Our support includes detailed application engineering specific to your site to ensure optimum results for your operation, maximising cost saving, reducing undercarriage costs, extending undercarriage life and increasing your production as a means of return on investment.

Sleipner Africa takes a very serious view on our drive to improve and increase service levels on all existing products and those that are going to be put into the local market.
As a consequence, Sleipner Africa assures our customers that strong support will be provided not only when the equipment has been delivered but ongoing well into the future through continuous interaction, regular visits and ongoing relationship building with our valued customers.
This support includes full parts holding for all Sleipner models, technical support available on site within 24 hours and ongoing services performed at least every 6 months of operation from the date of delivery by our qualified technical team.

Sleipner Africa already carries a significant stock of parts to service existing equipment and we will complement existing Sleipner Africa stock levels with items that will be required to service all Sleipner equipment to ensure our customers receive unquestioned support.

Initial operational training for at least 8 operators will be conducted on site for 5 days on delivery as part of our service to our customers.
Our detailed training program will be supplied on confirmation of the order.
Sleipner Africa prides itself in having access to the best training available worldwide including training from the factory on both a technical and operator basis.